Super Antifreeze

GSK Super Antifreeze

GSK Super Antifreeze

GSK antifreeze has been produced based on ethylene glycol and organic additives with long life and it’s in conformity with American and European technology. This is according to the national standard No.338 of Iran.

All types of materials used in this antifreeze have been tested in all kinds of diesel and passenger car engines .With the best formulation to keep the engine safe. This antifreeze has been produced with organic package for useful function at 200000 km distance.

In 1 - 2/5 - 4 - 20, 208 liters packing.

Antifreeze Sp.Gr @ 15.5°C
Boilin point
50% - 100%
PH aq 50% Mix in water Freezing point
60% - 100%
99.5% 1.11 108 - 170 8.5 Clear -49 - -18 Resault