About Us

Gohar Safa Karkas (GSK) Industrial company was established in 1975 in the field of producing and refinement of glycols. It was put into operation in 1977, and it was developed with the aim of refining varieties of chemical solvent and lubricants in 2002. We provide our ingredients from petrochemical,refineries and other foreign industrial companies. Starting up its export activities our company has been exporting its products to the international market and is among pioneer solvent exporting companies.

Now we expanded our lubricants production (industrial, diesel, gasoline) to 250 tone valency per day, using the best design and modern manufacturing equipments and the best system of producing the base oils SN150 – SN500 with 220 and 250 flashpoint and 4.5 and 11 viscosity and 2-2.5 color.

Also for preserving our products we proceed seven million liter tank in four production-line provided, in 1 – 4 – 20 and 220 liter bottles we gained our products confirmation from Iran’s Standard and research industrial institute and also the IMS.

The company’s products :

  1. Base oil SN 150 – SN 500
  2. Different kinds of oil for diesel and gasoline engines
  3. Different kinds of industrial oils
  4. Diesel and gasoline engines antifreeze
  5. Different kinds of glycols
  6. Different kinds of chemical solvents
  7. Different kinds of custom made solvents